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The School Program now integrates Keynote Lectures followed by a dedicated Question Time coordinated by a Discussion Leader, with Poster presentation and a Flash Talks session.

At the conclusion of the School, participants will  take an exam.

Successful completion of the exam will result in the issuance of an attendance certificate.


  • Lectures by Invited Tutorial Speakers – 1h15 (5 min introduction + 45 min Lecture + 25 min question time by Discussion Leader)

  • Tips for a competitive project development by Invited Expert 

  • 2 Poster Sessions

  • 1 Flash Talks Session

  • Poster Award

  • Flash Talk Award

3 ‘Best Poster Communication’ and  3 ‘Best Oral Communication’ awards are sponsored by the Journal of Materials Chemistry A, B and C, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, and Molecular Systems Design & Engineering.


RSC will also publish blogs promoting the winners and share these on its socials after the event.


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