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V-Pitch Videos

To all the Participants Wispoc 24 will engage PhD and postdoctoral participants in a Video Making Project aimed at the realization
of ; V-Pitch Videos showcasing the research ideas and achievements of 14 selected poster abstracts

The selected authors will

–         participate in two 3'V-Pitch Videos@Wispoc Labs to be held on  Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th February from 15 to 17.30, led by Fancesco Scarel and Zoe Pernici

–         participate as speakers within YOUNG SCIENTISTS’ SYMPOSIUM (YSS sessions) dedicated to flash oral presentations introduced by a 3'V-Pitch Videos


Please indicate in the registration form if:

a) you are willing to participate in the two 3'V-Pitch Videos@Wispoc Labs

b) include a max 1’-Video to present yourself (only if you intend to participate at the 3'V-Pitch Videos@Wispoc Labs)


Non-selected authors who are willing to collaborate in the video-making will be offered to team up with the front-author for the video preparation.


Remember to send your video to

Object: Pitch Videos_Wispoc Labs  

File name: Surname_VideoWispoc24


1 minute



In this workshop, we will focus on essential practices that can help you think, prepare, and make video self-tapes to facilitate your communication skills and talk about your research and goals.

We will cover some technical aspects regarding basic audio-video editing, how to avoid typical mistakes, the importance of good audio quality (first ears then eyes!), and some essentials on-screen composition. 

In addition, we will pay attention to some common behaviors fundamental when acting in front of a camera (or in front any audience in general). We'll also introduce some advice about body language, gestures, self confidence.

Finally, we'll open a discussion on important keywords and aspects of your research, trying to build a synthetic and linear storytelling.

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